VFXwire is created by artists and founded by Allan Jensen, a senior VFX Compositor, who has worked in visual effects since 2002.

Allan says:

“In 2007, I originally started a group on Facebook called VFX Jobs. As the group grew it became natural to connect a website to the group. Through the website the idea was to make it easy for companies to find talent and post jobs and simple for artists to apply. The site originally was called VFXrecruit, however the name confused a lot of people, thinking that we were some kind of recruitment agency, so lately we changed the website to the more broad name VFXwire. Through VFXwire the idea is still to focus on connecting companies and talent, this not only done through the jobs section, but also to have a news section where both artists and companies can share their latest work.

VFXwire (formerly VFXrecruit) has always been run by a small team of people, though quite a few people think there is a big team behind it. This is not the case. We do from time to time work with freelancers in certain aspects of the site, but mainly the administration is done by a few super enthusiastic artists.”


  • To provide great content to both companies and artists
  • To connect companies and artists through news and jobs
  • To promote and help artists get new audiences, employment opportunities and to help create a business around your talents and work.


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