Central Production Manager – Image Engine Vancouver (43 views)

Vancouver, BC
August 3, 2018
  • Update centralized studio crew plan from information supplied by Department coordinators and Show production managers
  • Aid in Show & Dept. strategies with respect to current facility capacity and available resources.
  • Work with Show management to best allocate artist resources, focusing on skills & level balancing across multiple productions.
  • Collaborate with department supervisors and leads on department resource needs.
  • Carry out weekly resource meetings to gather crew needs per show and department for the studio crew plan document.
  • Resolve resource scheduling conflicts between shows and departments
  • Strategize and solve over/under resourcing issues in collaboration with Show & Dept. Management
  • Maintain & publish the centralized crew plan document.
  • Liaise with Cinesite London & Montreal on facility capacity and availability
  • Work with Executive Producers and Bidding Producer to run new business scenarios and forecasts.
  • Collaborate on the building of and implementation of Production team and structure.
  • Management of Production Team.
  • Support and advise production teams with clear working process and guidelines for best practice
  • Organize and manage seating plans.
  • Work closely with HR to advise on artist start and end dates, contract extensions, or vacation requests.
  • Liaise with recruitment. Generate weekly hiring list.
  • Monitor recruitment efforts and advise schedule changes with producers if crewing needs are being delayed or increased.
  • Vet outsource vendors, set up NDA and contracts, and create PO, review bids, and invoice statement, if necessary.
  • Informing Marketing Manager when promotional materials for marketing, show breakdown reels and stills are available.
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