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January 30, 2018

Zoic Studios is an Award winning VFX company made up of accomplished artists and producers who understand story, process and relationships. Partnership, integrity and enthusiasm are our key founding principles. We have three locations, Los Angeles, New York City and Vancouver, Canada. Some of our recent credits include, Once Upon a Time, The 100, Arrow, X-Files, Game of Thrones and Zoo.

“Visual Evolution” is our mission; we invest in constantly improving our technological and studio processes so that our artists can focus on being creative even in the lightning fast paced world of visual effects. We apply these principles to our work on some of the most VFX intensive film and television projects out there. We like a challenge. Do you?

We are seeking a Houdini Lighting Artist for our Vancouver studio. This is a project-based position working on a variety of projects, and working closely with the dynamics and compositing teams. The Houdini Lighting Artist reports to the Facility CG Supervisor.

The ideal candidate will have a Generalist background with strong Houdini lighting skills. They will be responsible for creating photo realistic and stylized lighting set ups for dynamics, sets, props and creatures. Good communication skills and collaborative traits are mandatory.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a lighting specific role w/ Houdini and within a VFX studio.
  • Light dynamics, environments, props, creatures, and other 3D assets to production requirements
  • Work within the colour and lighting pipeline.
  • Provide basic comps of lit elements to help visualize look of final element.
  • Ensure downstream pipeline needs are considered and optimized for rendering.
  • Work with team members to address internal/external notes.
  • Ensure internal and external deadlines are met within budgeted hours.
  • Keep up to date with internal techniques, tools, and software.
  • Share knowledge and techniques with team members to improve overall team skills and asset quality.
  • Take point on lighting sequences under the direction of Leads and Supervisors as needed
  • Take on 3D Generalist tasks as needed.
  • Ability to extrapolate from provided art direction/concept art when needed.
  • Proactive in reporting in to 3D Leads on progress, questions, resource needs etc.
  • Ability to positively resolve any conflicts or issues with team members.
  • Lighting – experience with technical line up digital lighting matching practical in camera conditions to add digital asset to plate using HDRI and middle grey/chrome sphere lighting principles/methods.
  • Lighting Design – experience in creative layout of lighting for use in a virtual or set extensions using middle grey lighting principles.
  • Colour Theory – knowledge of colour space, neutralization of plates/textures and middle grey principles.
  • Experience with Houdini.
  • Experience in Maya.
  • Experience in Vray.
  • Experience in Nuke.
  • Knowledge of Shotgun.
  • Excellent communication skills in English; both written and verbal
  • Ability to establish a methodology to achieve desired results within allotted timeframe.
  •  Work within a fast-paced team environment.
  • Contribute to a positive work environment.
  • Able to receive constructive criticism.
  • Positive attitude and flexible schedule.
  • Must showcase an up-to-date demo reel demonstrating listed skills.
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