Previs Generalist / FX TD (109 views)

November 6, 2017

Previs Generalists work with Previs Supervisors and VFX Supervisors and are involved in all aspects of the creation of previs, including asset creation, texturing, layout, lighting, shot creation and basic compositing. Additional to the this we are looking for an artist who can create classic particle FXand work with maya’s fluids to create approximations of FX work for the puproses of previsWe are looking for experienced CG all rounders who thrive in a fast paced environment, who have excellent communication and problem solving skills, understand when to compromise and make changes on the fly to ensure delivery of previs within time limits. Applicants should have a proven track record creating previs for film productions, good layout and cinematic skills are mandatory.


•  3+ years production experience.  Feature film experience is preferred.
•  Comprehensive knowledge in the following software packages: Maya.
•  Team orientated and able to take direction from Supervisor.
•  Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
•  Adaptable and flexible and accepting of changes.
•  Applicants must be EU based.


•  Comprehensive knowledge of Maya.
•  Generalist skills essential -modeling, texturing, FX, animation, lighting, and compositing.
•  Expert knowledge of Photoshop essential.
•  Excellent cinematic skills – composition, framing, depth of field and timings.
•  Ability to visualise shots and understand screen direction.
•  Understanding of physical limits in real-world cinematography.
•  Knowledge of rigging, mel/python scripting very useful.
•  Experience with virtual camera systems.
•  Knowledge of geometry caching.
•  Basic knowledge of particle animation.
•  Understanding of basic lighting.
•  Knowledge of Autodesk Motion Builder useful.
•  3D tracking and match moving skills a plus.
•  Knowledge of Boujou, PFTrack useful.
•  Film school background and/or on-set experience preferable.

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