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November 6, 2017

Nvizage is seeking experienced previs supervisors who have a proven track record working on tent-pole film productions. A Previs Supervisor  has overall responsibility for the management of the previs team and is the direct point of contact with Directors, VFX supervisors, Production Designers and other HODs on film productions. Nvizage have an extensive history of working on some of the world’s largest film productions and quality projects; this is an exciting role with rewarding opportunities. The Previs Supervisor will be working with a team of highly skilled and creative individuals who enjoy their craft and are proud of their work.

Key responsibilities include interpreting the clients’ briefs and delegating the creative tasks to the previs team members to implement the director’s vision.  The role entails managing the pace of the previs team work rate to ensure delivery of cinematic action sequences quickly and efficiently, whilst exercising quality control and meeting designated deadlines.

Successful candidates will be excellent communicators with expert layout, animation and digital cinematography skills and possess a thorough understanding of the filmmaking process, to create original and entertaining content.

Job Description:

• Liaising with HODs including Directors, Production Designers, Art Directors,  Cinematographers and VFX supervisors.
• Daily management of the previs team, including asset builders, previs animators, previs editor.
• Previs pipeline setup, configured to client specifications
• Management and implementation of proprietary tools
• Task delegation for the whole previs team
• Manage an assembly edit of all previs sequences in progress and QC the work
• Manage and direct the technical, artistic, and production personnel
• Collaborate on the bidding and negotiation processes
• Run daily reviews with previs artists, to critique work and manage sequence continuity
• Interactive sessions with the VFX supervisor or Director to block out staging and camera angles.
• Present work in progress to the production as requested
• Manage the  delivery of previs 3D scene files for post–production VFX vendors.
• Techviz management – technical drawings and the creation of diagrammatic animations


• 5+ years production experience.  Feature film experience is preferred.
• Applicants must be EU based.
• Prior experience as previs animator or shot creator essential.
• Expert knowledge of Autodesk Maya.
• Expert digital cinematic skills, including: shot creation, layout, directing realistic camera motion, colour, composition, depth of field, motion blur, screen direction and storytelling.
• Good knowledge of real-world film cameras, lenses and camera rigs.
• Core Editing skills with Premiere/Avid/Final Cut Pro.
• A strong creative eye, for quality control of all aspects of previs production.
• Good understanding of motion capture techniques including the use of virtual camera systems.
• Full understanding of Techviz requirements, camera statistics and shot setups.
• Understanding of virtual production techniques and virtual cinematography.
• Onset previs experience, including knowledge of encoded camera rigs, motion capture, simul-cam techniques for tracking cameras and providing augmented reality/live digital set extensions/previs animations.
• Excellent communication skills, the ability to work under pressure and react to the fluctuating demands of film productions in a fast paced environment.
• Team leadership qualities.
• Adaptable and flexible and accepting of changes.


• Autodesk Maya
• Autodesk Motion Builder
• Photoshop
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Premiere
• Avid Media Composer
• Final Cut Pro

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