Senior FX artist (78 views)

May 16, 2018

With the experience you acquired in the video game and/or film industries, you are willing to meet new challenges by joining our VFX team and pushing the next evolution of PopcornFX.

The industry is changing and the tools used in cinema are becoming a standard, which is why we are looking for someone with strong experience with offline VFX tools (Houdini, RealFlow, FumeFX, Maya Fluids, …)

Main missions:

  • Imagine effects tailored to the needs of Games, Films, XR experiences in collaboration with various disciplines, be able to explain and document the tool
  • Work with various game studios to help them achieve, improve, and optimize their effects
  • Be able to quickly perform basic prototypes that will be used for discussions related to effects and gameplay
  • Be able to train others in our internal pipeline or in external studios

Skills we look for:

  • Minimum 2 years experience in VFX (CG, video game …)
  • Artistic sense.
  • Experienced with some offline VFX tools (Houdini, RealFlow, FumeFX, Maya Fluids, …)
  • Comfortable with the syntax of shaders (HLSL, GLSL), or scripting languages in general
  • Good knowledge in physics
  • Fluent technical English


  • Rigorous
  • Good mathematical knowledge
  • Adaptability, flexibility, openness
  • Agree to receive, seek and give constructive criticism
  • Very good understanding of movements in space. Good spatial awareness.
  • Thorough knowledge of graphical tools (Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, 3Dsmax, After Effect, etc…)
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