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San Diego
May 8, 2018


San Diego, CA

Job Type

Contract, Onsite Assignment


Qualcomm’s Advanced Content Group is seeking a technical artist who will work directly with our development team, design leads, and art director, to help create, design, and implement characters as part of a cohesive, directed gameplay experience. Ideal candidates will have an excellent understanding of human anatomy, creature anatomy, and various other character types. The ideal artist for this role has an expert level creating 3D tools, problem solving skills to build tools, maintain pipeline, and provide technical support for artists. 


  • 5+ years’ experience rigging/skinning characters in Maya on a shipped MMO, mobile, PC, or console game
  • Demo Reel and Shot Breakdown showing rigging / simulation and technical proficiency
  • Game production experience and tech fluency in at least one development language such as Python, MEL, C# or C++
  • Solid understanding of rigging realistic humanoid characters and creatures (FPS rigs a plus), with high proficiency in character skinning, physics, and technical workflows
  • Experience creating custom tools, and a wide suite of content authoring tools currently used in the industry
  • Strong debugging skills, ability to fix and troubleshoot workflow issues in artist software, version control systems, and game engines
  • Ability to create art content that is performant for runtime and appropriate for modern game hardware, mobile a plus
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with multiple disciplines
  • Strong ability to work independently
  • Experience supporting art teams in game development environment

Desired Qualifications:

    • BFA or equivalent on the job experience
    • Solid understanding of Maya, Unity, and Unreal Engine (including Unreal’s A.R.T. rigging system)
    • Visual scripting a plus ie Unreal’s blueprint system
    • Extensive Unreal 4 blueprint and Unity 5 experience scripting
    • Strong UX design skills
    • Experience with rigging cloth & hair
    • Experience writing shaders, rendering pipelines to get the best look within game engine technical limits/constraints
    • Experience with Android OS and Android application development
    • Experience working on AAA games as a technical artist
    • Well-versed in console and/or mobile gaming
    • Experience with 3D graphics related mathematics
    • Understanding of VR and AR mobile limitations and requirements
    • Passionate about gaming, up to date on game design literature, and best practices

Join the Advanced Content Group!

Qualcomm’s Advanced Content Group mission is to create immersive and unique experiences to users while utilizing state of the art mobile technology with Qualcomm’s proprietary chipsets, which today power over 2 billion consumer devices worldwide. You will work directly with leading game developers from around the world to help enhance and optimize their cutting-edge games and applications for the Snapdragon platform.

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