Freelance Nuke Artist 29 October – 8 November (209 views)

Tjärhovsgatan 21A
October 16, 2019

Able to deliver complete plate with comped elements as a DPX/EXR sequence in source resolution (3K) together with Nuke script.

The work will/might include:
Stitching plates together
Element integration
Tracking in Nuke

You as an artist need to:
Be able to work on your own based on a brief and deliver WIPs for feedback.
Be able to make quick “slap-comps”.
Fluent in English or Swedish
You are passionate and work efficient with years of experience in the industry working in Nuke X.
Be a Senior Comp Artist
Be able to work in our office in Stockholm, or remote work during Swedish work ours for contact.
Be able to deliver high level compositing with organized scripts incase we need to do changes.
Be able to take feedback and communicate with supervisor.

Please include CV, updated Showreel and Daily Rate with “Comp Freelance” with “Stockholm” or “Remote” in the Subject Field, depending if you can come to our office or will work remote.

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