ActionVFX keeps expanding their already extensive VFX Elements library. Currently in Phase 3 of their library development, they firstly gave us Torch Flames and Jet Flames and now, just announced, their latest addition: Air Particles and Falling Dust.

Air Particles

Shot on RED Weapon Helium the resolution of the particles goes up to 6K. There are 25 different clips ranging from calm close/medium shots, windy shots, and wide shots.

The particles creates extra details and life to your image whether you are working on a live-action or fully CGI sequence.

Falling Dust

The 40 falling dust elements comes with up to 5K resolution and shot at 96 frames per second. The elements runs with a great variety, speed, size and density.

These elements work well in chaotic scenarios like natural disasters, war, crumbling caverns and many others where debris and destruction is in focus.

Also check out their amazing flame torches below. The variety in wind make it possible to finally simulate a moving torch.

See the entire ActionVFX library here with 1000s of different elements to choose from besides these new additions.

Thanks to ActionVFX for your support and sponsorship of VFXwire.