Have a look at Panayiotis Verropoulos’ latest compositing reel. The reel features work from his job at DWARF LABS as well as personal projects.

Panayiotis says:
“My name is Panayiotis Verropoulos. I am 24 years old and I come from Cyprus. I am currently working as a Compositor at DWARF Animation Studio in France. After getting my BSc in Computer Science I got a full scholarship for Vancouver Film School through the My Year scholarship competition. There I got to pursue my passion for films and VFX by studying and earning the diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects. Now I am honing my skills and evolving as an artist with the aim to become better each and everyday that passes.

The material is taken from my current job as a compositor at DWARF Animation Studio, from personal projects, a commercial I worked on for TEDx University of Nicosia, and my final demo reel at Vancouver Film School.”

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