Framestore is proud to add to its award tally with a News And Documentary Emmy for its work on Netflix’s Alien Worlds

The creative studio brought home the Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction: Documentary award for its work on the speculative nature series, which blends fact and science fiction as it imagines what life on other planets might look like.

Working closely with Emmy-winning writer, director and producer Nigel Paterson and Wall To Wall’s executive producer Tim Lambert, Framestore was tasked with crafting four fully-realised worlds and the specially-adapted flora and fauna that inhabit them.

Despite being a work of fiction, the series nevertheless demanded scientific grounding, with each creature, plant and environment bound by the rules of biology, physics and geography as we experience and understand them on Earth. Framestore was a perfect fit for a show with such ambitious scope, given the studio’s deep history of crafting fantastic photoreal characters and immersive, scientifically-accurate worlds.

Framestore’s Managing Director, Advertising, TV & Immersive, Lottie Cooper, said: “Conjuring and then populating whole new planets was no mean feat, but Simon Wood, Richard Thomas, Johannes Sambs, Sebastian Read and their teams pulled the work off with absolute aplomb. The mix of science fact and science fiction seemed tailor-made for the creative minds at Framestore, and landing a News And Documentary Emmy is the perfect way to reward the team’s stunning work – a huge congratulations to everyone who played a part in bringing Alien Worlds so thrillingly and convincingly to life.”

For more information on Framestore’s work on Alien Worlds, click here.

Tanya Combrinck
Author: Tanya Combrinck

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