Strange things happen in a top secret lab in this short directed by Paul Campion.

In a secure military laboratory, a scientist has become obsessed with the half-human half-eel creature he’s studying. When she beckons him to her, it’s the call of a siren…

Paul Campion says:

I’ve worked as a visual effects artist for 16 years on films from The Lord of the Rings and Sin City to Captain America Civil War and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. I’m also a writer/director. I’ve directed 3 short films – Night of the Hell Hamsters, Eel Girl (featuring special makeup effects by Weta Workshop) and The Naughty List, based on a short story by US author Brian Keene. I’ve also directed one feature film The Devil’s Rock, and I’m currently have 2 more short films and 3 features in development. Night of the Hell Hamsters came from an idea when taking part in the 48hour Film Competition in New Zealand.

Eel Girl was originally meant to be a music video and was inspired by the music in the film.

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